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I was chatting on Facebook with a dear friend of ours, who arrived in Afghanistan a week or so ago. He’s always been an optimist, a smiling presence always trying to cheer everyone up. This is not his first time downrange, he’s been deployed before including with Chief in Iraq.

His Facebook chat reflected this optimism – the realization that he’s not in a great place, but he’s going to put a positive spin on it. He told me how horrendously hot it was, but not as a complaint, just as a fact. But then he came up with:

The President has decided to bring back thousands of troops now that I have arrived! That is confidence! I have even started working out and running this morning in anticipation of our victory parade.

So if you are wondering about the morale of the men and women downrange – I can tell you that for one group of Guardsmen… it’s pretty positive!


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